October President’s Letter

Q-4 has officially begun.  This quarter can be daunting because we have goals to achieve by the end of the year and what seems like an endless supply of distractions with holidays, parties, and personal time.  How will you stay focused but also give yourself the much needed time to recharge your batteries before brand new goals are introduced in January?  As the old adage goes, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.”  Take a few minutes this week and plan your calendar through the end of the year.  Request the days off you will need.  And make an extra effort to use your time effectively while at work so you won’t feel so guilty the days you’re not.  While you’re at it, sign up for your free online profile on our website and see how that can be used to help you achieve those goals by the end of the year.


In Service,

Bill Flowers


Palos Area Chamber