President’s Letter

End of Year President’s Letter

December has arrived and I wanted to take a moment before the holidays have passed us by to reflect on the season. I always find myself trying to slow down and enjoy this time of year, but mostly failing to do so. We often get so caught up in the day to day of what we have to do, that it can be difficult to make time for the things that we want to do.

“Black Friday” has become “Skip Thanksgiving Thursday” and the rush to get to work on all of our preparations usually means that our time to enjoy is pared down to a minimum, overwhelmed by the work and stress, the hustle and bustle as it were.

Here on December 5th- I try to focus on the same things I often do around this date- slow down, appreciate what is important in my life- my family, my friends, myself. Grab the memories that fly by before they are gone again. Work is work- it certainly is important but let’s try to keep things in the proper perspective.

My father was a doctor- his job was undeniably at times, life and death. Mine- not so much. Now, many of my customers would argue that point and while I understand that having a computer or network not working can be incredibly difficult and stressful, no one dies. Seriously. Keep it in context.
That’s the main reason I didn’t go into medicine- didn’t want to kill anyone- and believe me, the world is far better off for it.

Here’s to all of you hopefully doing a better job than I usually do in keeping your life in balance and your holidays in focus.

To that goal:

Palos Area Chamber Holiday Party
Wednesday December 17th 5pm-8pm
Joe Daniels Bar and Grill
12218 Harlem Ave
Palos Heights (Next door to Computer Greeks)

All are welcome- Please RSVP to so we can make sure we don’t run out of Holiday Cheer (Or Food, Beer, Wine and all that other good stuff)

Please join us- I will take the time to slow down and enjoy it with all of you.

Stephen Georgiou
President, Palos Area Chamber of Commerce


August/September President’s Letter

Welcome all to the sad days that mark the end of summer. I haven’t had to go back to school after summer vacation in almost 25 years, but I still get that same feeling every year. Maybe it rubs off from my kids and wife who still have to face returning to school/work the same way we all did.

And speaking of returning to work…

Summer has always been a slower time for Chamber functions, but things are now going to start picking up again. Our luncheons will resume on Tuesday, September 9th at Lake Katherine Nature Center (7402 W. Lake Katherine Drive). Gareth Blakesley will be presenting “Incorporating Green Initiatives in the Workplace” and the luncheon begins at 11:45am with a cost of $20 per guest. I’m sure it will mark a great return to our gatherings and I encourage everyone to attend if at all possible. In addition Lake Katherine will be hosting its annual Monarch Butterfly Festival 2014 on Sunday, September 14th from 11am to 4:30pm. Sponsorships are due by August 29th so contact 708-361-1873 or use the following link to participate:

First Merit Bank will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Day on Thursday, August 28th from 11am to 2pm. Refreshments will be served so drop by to meet and greet.

The Farmer’s Market continues every Wednesday in the Municipal Parking Lot at 122nd and Harlem until October 9th.

I hope to see you at these upcoming events and throughout the rest of the year.

Ok, Back to Work now…

Stephen Georgiou
President, Palos Area Chamber

June President’s Letter

Hello Chamber. We had a very busy start to June and as such, I was delayed in getting this post up until now. Our Annual Golf Outing was on Thursday, June 5th and while there were a few bumps along the way, it was an amazing success. The weather couldn’t have been better and the 60+ golfers in attendance made the day a fantastic experience. Waters Edge helped make the event so enjoyable with their lunch and dinner offerings always top notch, but the real credit goes to the people who worked tirelessly to organize and host the event. I can’t express my appreciation enough to everyone who spent so much time and effort on the event and I have done so personally. Without wasting this entire post listing the names, I do want to mention Bill Flowers, the Chair of the Golf Committee and my Vice President specifically. I know how hard Bill worked to not only organize and host the event, but to improve on it from year to year. It is that kind of commitment that shows what a tremendous asset he is, not only to the Chamber, but to all of his clients at Edward Jones.

The beneficiaries of our Scholarship program, which is funded by the proceeds of the Golf Outing, are the students receiving our 4 awards. The luncheon to present them will be Tuesday, June 10th at Palos Country Club. I hope that everyone who is able will attend as it is the culmination of much of what the Chamber works for.


Contact Mary Kay Spindler at the Chamber Office by phone or email to reserve a seat at the luncheon.

Stephen Georgiou

Palos Area Chamber President

May President’s Letter

May is a very busy month for the chamber and things just keep getting more interesting. Our Chamber Health and Wellness Expo is on Saturday the 3rd and our Annual Golf Outing is fast approaching on June 5th. Be sure to sign up for the events as they fill up quickly.

Our Annual Scholarship Luncheon will be on June 10th at the Palos Country Club and will feature the awards we will be presenting to our 4 Scholarship Winners. Make your reservation now, the luncheon is the culmination of a year’s worth of time and effort.

Summer is finally here and I know as well as anyone that if you don’t take some time to enjoy it, fall will be here before you realize. I’m taking a family vacation for the first time in years, returning to a favorite haunt of my youth- Hilton Head, SC. I haven’t been there in nearly 25 years and my kids have never seen the ocean, so I thought it was well overdue. My “kids” by the way are going to be 19 and 17 in August, so long overdue might be the more accurate term.

To all those traveling this month or over the summer- be safe.

Steve Georgiou

Palos Area Chamber President

April President’s Letter

The calendar says April, so I assume that somehow January, February, and March have already come and gone.  The old adage is that time flies when you’re having fun, apparently I must be having a ton of fun because this year is most certainly flying by.  Three of the most significant events that the Chamber works so hard on are just around the corner.

The Chamber’s Annual Health Expo is Saturday May 3rd at the Moraine Valley Church located at 6300 W 127th Street in Palos Heights.  The event will run from 9am to 1pm and is one of the most comprehensive and informative gatherings of its kind.  There is still time for exhibitors to reserve a table and it will certainly be well attended.  Don’t miss out.

The Chamber’s Annual Scholarship Golf Outing is next up on June 5th at Water’s Edge Country Club in Worth.  There is availability for Hole Sponsors, Gift Basket Donations, and of course- golfers.  You can contact the Chamber Office to reserve your space at (708)480-3025 or email us at

In addition- we will be providing details for the June Luncheon soon that will include the Scholarship Awards we will present to 4 graduating seniors.  Stay tuned…


Stephen Georgiou

Palos Area Chamber President

March President’s Letter

Welcome to March, or as we now call it, the middle of winter.  The calendar says spring is right around the corner, but I’m not sure which corner that might be, they’re all covered in snow.

Despite the frigid conditions, things are heating up for the Chamber and its members in the upcoming weeks.

March 20th brings our “March Madness” membership get-together hosted by Marty Linderborg and Great Harvest Bread Company in Palos Park.  Members and non-members alike are invited to join in for an evening of food and fun including chair massages and special drawings.  I’ll be the first one in the door so don’t miss out.

April 15th is our next monthly luncheon at Alan B Shepard High School and should offer our first chance to see their recent remodeling project.  The culinary class always makes this a don’t miss date.

Saturday, May 3rd is our annual Health Expo at Moraine Valley Baptist Church.  Tables are still available so contact the Chamber Office to reserve your space now.

Thursday, June 5th brings our Annual Golf Outing.  Updates will be posted on the website soon.

Try to stay warm and don’t look too closely at your gas bill.

Stephen Georgiou

Palos Area Chamber President

February Presiden’t Letter

February is here and it appears as though this winter is just getting started. The Ground Hog has predicted 6 more weeks of the cold white stuff- thanks for the tip Mr. Obvious, but thankfully we all enjoyed a very warm evening last Friday for the Chamber Banquet.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the night such a success, especially our Executive Director, Mary Kay Spindler. The amount of time and effort it takes for the planning and execution of an evening like this was tremendous- and thankfully the night went very smoothly. All of our Chamber members who were able to attend were treated to great food, friends, and entertainment. Our pianist, Adam Miller; Vocalist, Cora Georgiou; and the amazing talents of Art Beat Live speed painter, Elliott From made for a real experience.

I would also like to again congratulate the four recipients of the Chamber Awards presented that evening, Alan B. Shepard High School, Palos Community Hospital, Palos Baseball Organization, and The Regional News. It was great fun to share time with such deserving and appreciative people. That is one of the things I enjoy most about being part of the Chamber, the people.

Our next Chamber luncheon is Tuesday, February 18th at Moraine Valley Community College. This will include the Mayor’s State of the City Address and has always been one of the best attended luncheons of the year. Please contact the Chamber office or email us at to reserve your space soon.

The Annual Chamber Scholarship applications will be available shortly. The information will be going out to the area high schools and will be posted on the Chamber website. We will be awarding four- $1,000 scholarships again this year and look forward to seeing a tremendous response of applicants over the next few months. The application deadline will be April 11th, so there is plenty of time to prepare. As a father of a college freshman, I can guarantee that expenses will be higher than you can imagine, and a scholarship award of $1,000 can go a long way toward helping cover some of those expenses.

The 3rd Annual CommuniT-Shirt will be making its debut over the next few weeks. The response we have seen from the first two editions has been very positive and I’m working on something fun again this year. We do have a limited number of advertising spots available and I will be offering them on a first come basis when the design is complete. Keep an eye out for an email and notice on this website when we are ready to take reservations.

Hoping for a safe month for all of us, and if you run into any weather predicting rodents, tell him I said “thanks a lot”.

Stephen Georgiou
Palos Area Chamber President

January President’s Letter

A belated welcome to 2014 to all. I cannot believe how quickly 2013 has come and gone and yet my list of things to accomplish for last year is sadly still quite full. I could just cross out the “3” and write in a “4” and hope for the best as I usually do, but I’m optimistic about this year being different. I’m not sure I have anything to base that on, but sometimes blind optimism is all we have.

My New Year’s resolution is simply to stop being the procrastinator that I am inclined to be. To not just add the new task to my list, but to take care of things when possible, without ever having to put them on the list at all. Now having stated that, I know my days, like most of yours, start with a list of things to accomplish and while one or two will certainly get completed, often 3 or 4 new ones seem to jump on before the day is over. Days go by and the tasks that we would “like” to accomplish but are not priorities, will eventually fall off altogether. I know this needs to change and making the time while still balancing my need for family, friends, and sleep will be the challenge.

To the point- the work I try to do with the Chamber often fills many of the spots on my list. While I have struggled at times to keep up with my “real job” while maintaining the goals and obligations I have for the Chamber, I am rarely as rewarded as when I am able to work with the amazing people that donate their time and efforts to Chamber functions. The board of the Palos Area Chamber and its members that actively participate are smart, funny, talented, and challenging in ways that I rarely have the chance to experience in the rest of my work. Does it take time and effort? No doubt. Is it worth it to take the time and make the effort? Again, no doubt.

2014 is barely underway and I’m sure our “lists” are growing every day. Do me a favor, add one more thing to your list. “Participate in at least one Chamber Function”: attend a luncheon; join us at the golf outing; come to the Chamber Banquet (January 31st at Midlothian Country Club); have fun at the Tree Lighting; advertise on the CommuniT-Shirt or Chamber Discount Card. Give some of your time and effort and add your talents to the mix and I guarantee you it will be worth it.

Stephen Georgiou
President, Palos Area Chamber

December President’s Letter

It seems like yesterday that I was asked to be on the Executive Palos Area Chamber Board. I would like to thank everyone for trusting me in this position and offering me the opportunity to be part of the Palos Area Chamber Board. As President this past year, it has been full of wonderful and exciting experiences. I would like to thank all of the chamber board members for their time and dedication to making our Palos Area Chamber a success. With their sincere efforts and cooperation, we have the right combination for success. Thanks to all of our volunteers who have helped out at events and reaching out to the business that joined out Chamber. May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season with friends and family.

My daughter Elizabeth just had a baby boy November 29th, so our family gathering will be wonderful. Both Elizabeth and Quinn are doing fine. We are now blessed with four grandchildren. Happy Holidays!


We are planning our luncheon schedule for 2014 and have a few months still available. If you are a chamber member and would like to host one of our monthly luncheons, or know someone who would like to be our guest speak at our luncheons, please give us a call.

Local Upcoming Events:

Annual Tree Lighting will be held Friday December 6th at 6:00 pm. Please join us and bring your children to see Santa, play children’s games, and have some treats.
If you are looking for additional information about the chamber, you can contact the Chamber office at Shop Local!!

We are looking for additional Palos Area Chamber Ambassadors. This position is someone who would be willing to attend local chamber events and support the chamber. For more information or to participate, please call Mary Kay at the chamber office. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

On behalf of the Palos Area Chamber, thank you for your continued support.
Thank you for visiting our web-site and liking us on face book. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Susan Withers
Assistant Vice President
Standard Bank and Trust

November President’s Letter

Indian Summer gave us a few warmer but wet days at the end of October. Hope you are all looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day dinner aroma: baked turkey; sweet potatoes; and pumpkin pie. May you enjoy family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving.

In October, we held our annual membership drive at the Palos Heights Library. Thank you to all who participated in this event.

November 12, 2013 will be the Chamber Networking Breakfast from 7:30-9:30 am at the Palos Heights Library. There will be a Blood Drive right after the Networking Breakfast Please join us for both events. Make your reservations by calling the Chamber office at (708) 480-3025.

We are planning our luncheon schedule for 2014 and have a few months still available. If you are a chamber member and would like to host one of our monthly luncheons, or know someone who would like to speak at our luncheons, please give us a call.

Local Upcoming Events:
Archer Bank located at 12701 S. Harlem Ave, is holding a Business After Hours event November 13th from 5:30 -8:00 pm. Please stop in and meet some of your neighbors and join the Chamber.

Annual Tree Lighting:
It is not too early to start thinking about the Holidays. Watch for more news about our Annual Tree Lighting Event and a Small Business Saturday Event. If you would like to donate items for our children’s goodie bags or be a sponsor for event, you can contact the Chamber office or send us an email to

On behalf of the Palos Area Chamber, thank you for your continued support. Thank you for visiting our web-site and liking us on Facebook. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Susan Withers
Assistant Vice President
Standard Bank and Trust

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